On September 15th we (Team Gaia) got teens from many organizations in Jacksonville, FL to get together in our studio for a Youth Dialogue Meeting. Among the groups that came there were Metro-Town, LOUD, and The Bridge. All of the groups and their leaders talked about issues that affected their daily lives in a forum. Topics touched on included duval county education and sexual education, drugs, the environment, the internet, school and teachers, and many others.

We had a large ‘meet-and-greet’ where we all talked the newcomers and learned about each other. And after the forum we all broke off into groups and talked about the issue of our choice, plus a “main issue” all of the groups decided on. The issue we all chose was education. At the end of these group discussions, each group got up and presented their views and solutions for each subject.

All in all, it was a great starter for some partnerships between active teens. It was really fun to meet all of these new people from different parts of the city. I hope that we can see all of those great people again soon!