Team Gaia is entering Apple Corporation’s Insomnia Film festival!

What is it? It’s a film festival where different teams of teen and college film students have 24 hours to produce a 3-minute piece. How do they monitor how much time you really use, you ask? Well basically, on October 13th at 9:00 AM Apple will release a top-secret list of special props, elements and dialogue. Once the information is posted each team can choose 3 out of the list and have the rest of the time to create a piece from it. You can prepare for it all you want, but you must use those elements.

This, we thought, sounded like a perfect task for Team Gaia’s members, considering we have a good amount of film students that attend Douglas Anderson, and we have experience with deadlines. Our core film-oriented members will be there producing this piece with others who will be Personal Assistants and Actors. While I won’t be there (being a graphics artist and all), I think it sounds like a ton of fun– I think it is almost an honor for us to be involved with this.

When the pieces are done, Apple will post them all on the internet for people to vote on, and the voting will end on November 9th. The top 25 get to have their pieces looked at by industry professionals. And if your film is a big hit with the public or the professionals, your team receives tons of great apple software and equipment worth thousands of dollars! That sounds like something our team really needs. It’s pretty much awesome.

To find out more about the Insomnia Film festival, click here.