When we, Team Gaia, produced our first episode of our “show”, we did not expect anything more than some emails and maybe a few thoughts from people we met. We have been astounded.

Our global warming piece, “Global Warming: Fact or Friction?” has been nominated for an Emmy award! The award is in the “Community Service Campaign/Broadband” sect, and is competing with pieces created by MTV/Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation/NASTD, and LifeMed Media. LifeMed media is powered by DLife.com, which is a legitimate diabetes information corporation. Both of these corporations are powered by adults, and it is astounding (to me) that we had the ability with our first episode to be thought of as somewhat of an equal.

I am simply astounded by our ability to achieve such an honor! I can’t believe someone liked our video that much– especially since it was our absolute first one ever produced.
This really excites me that people have looked at our videos, and I just can’t get over the fact that an organization that recognizes TV shows that people see everyday looked at our piece and even considered us! I am just so excited.