Cheyenne Smith


If I had total and complete school lunch dictatorship, there would be A LOT of changes. No more cake, no more jello, no more mystery meat. There would be organic options and more vegetarian-friendly meals. I don’t think the side of salad that looks like it’s been stomped on by angry horses and the poo-flavored fried cheese sticks will do. All of the meat would be free-range (no slaughterhouses, thanks) and cooked in the best way (health-wise) while tasting nice, if not better than those chunks of tortured cow in the lunch trays now. But this is just me hoping, and the reality of money-hungry soda monopolies doesn’t mix well with hope.

-Cheyenne Smith


I’ve read a testimony by Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian from the Harvard School of Public Health website.

I agree wholeheartedly with the ban on trans fats in New York, because weight gain – especially in the abdominal area – can be a “precursor to diabetes”.  Studies performed on 140,000 people revealed that fat consumption is linked directly to coronary heart disease and that 6% of the heart attacks in the U.S. are caused by eating too many trans fats. That’s 1,400 deaths every year. I’m really glad at least some parts of the U.S. are doing something about the health standard.

-Cheyenne Smith