The most important matter of this topic is whether low fat milk is better for children than whole milk. The calorie difference between whole milk and 2% milk, which is suggested for children over 2 years of age, is barely noticeable. Some might argue that over time these calories may add up. However, we are discussing children with growing, active bodies that need all the nutrients and vitamins they can get.Since some believe that children like the taste of whole milk better, they believe you should start converting your child to low fat milk early in their childhood. Doing this, they feel, will allow the child to become more easily accustomed to the new taste. In my opinion this is not true, since for my whole life I have been brought up on 2% and now recently 1% milk. Personally, I do not care for the taste of whole milk.

I believe the real difference between the two is an issue of body weight. Children don’t need to worry about a one- ortwo-pound difference, since their bodies are still growing. Also, since children are generally active, anything their body intakes will surely be burned off. So no, children should not be converted to low fat milk and introduced to it at an early age.

-Jackie Arredondo